Air Traffic Controller

Dive into the role of an air traffic controller, where every move counts and your decisions shape the skies. "Air Traffic Controller" is not just a game – it's a test of your strategic skills, where calmness and quick reasoning are the keys to success.

Your task is to manage the surge of flights, guiding planes and helicopters to the correct runways. With your finger, like an artist's brush, draw flight paths on the screen, creating harmony out of aerial chaos. Every second of hesitation, every moment of inattention, could end in disaster. Your vigilance and predictive abilities will be tested as every sky becomes a stage to showcase your expertise.

Face increasing levels of difficulty, switching between airports with diverse challenges. Discover and master the handling of various types of aircraft, each with unique properties and requirements.

Are you ready to take responsibility and ensure the safety of the skies? Download "Air Traffic Controller" and prove that you're a master of air traffic control.

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